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From 2018 - until early 2019, w2d was invited to lead the development efforts for work contracted by a KYC protocol - Shyft Network to Chainsafe, a blockchain protocol consulting company.

As Project lead for the Shyft Network work, w2d led the development efforts for this blockchain-based KYC protocol based on a fork of Go-Ethereum (Geth). Work included the implementation/execution of the following tasks:

  • Implementation of whisper p2p messaging endpoints for defending against 51% attacks
  • Assessment of alternative consensus algorithms, including POW, POA and permissioned POW
  • Launch of a testnet and development of a block explorer and metrics and monitoring system for the protocol
  • Responsible for managing merge requests and providing code review and assistance to junior developers and colleagues
  • Incorporated upstream changes to Go-Ethereum into the Shyft Go-Empyrean protocol