EY Blockchain

ai generated image of auditors verifying a blockchain

From early 2019 until 2022, David Krett, w2d’s founder, was contracted to EY’s Global Blockchain Group. Based out of Toronto, his primary role was as Tech Lead for a global blockchain product - EY Public Financial Management - a blockchain-based tool for government and large institutions. This full-stack application was designed for government institutions. It included using the blockchain to track government budgeting and performance outcomes across many entities, government departments, and ministries. The stack for the project included the following:

  • Ethereum blockchain with custom smart contracts applications and tokens used for budget tracking
  • A comprehensive front end to allow administrators access to the system with a UX that doesn’t require web3 expertise
  • A custom block explorer for tracking blockchain events associated with the application
  • Apache Kafka to allow batching of transactions and tracking of blockchain events using a Postgres DB

The product development team spanned three countries and, during the work tenure, ranged from 6-11 developers - several pilots were implemented for several major international and multilateral government entities.

As a member of the Blockchain group - I also contributed to significant advisory and consulting assignments with the EY US Blockchain team, including several assignments for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. These assignments revolved around the following mandates;

  • the creation of an MVP prototype to allow the institution to explore the tokenization of 3 different types of financial assets across three different blockchains
  • design of infrastructure and systems to facilitate the financial institution commencing to offer services related to significant cryptocurrencies