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Prior to founding w2d consulting and transitioning to a career in software application development/web3, David Krett held an MBA in Finance and had over 15 years of experience in global financial institutions, including executive level positions at the Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC, Prebon Yamane, and his own Asian-based financial advisory company.

Throughout his financial career, David gained extensive expertise in corporate and investment banking, covering various aspects of finance origination, structuring, distribution/syndication, and providing advisory services related to project and corporate finance and debt restructuring. He was involved in over $10 billion of financing, advisory, and debt restructuring assignments.

In addition to his deep understanding of regulated institution risk management practices, David had a track record of success in structuring and arranging bank loans, project financings, and private placements. Some highlights of his previous financial career include:

  • Acting as acquisition advisor for a group seeking to acquire an international airline cargo business through a competitive tender. David completed a a strategic/valuation model to assess airline operating strategies, bid price and valuation.
  • Sourcing and completing several advisory assignments related to the development, structuring/restructuring, financing, strategy, valuation, and/or sale of Indonesian businesses as well as preliminary assessments of an Indonesian hydroelectric and waste to energy projects.
  • Serving as financial advisor to a major Indonesian corporation on the restructuring of $240 million of distressed bank debt and the company’s balance sheet recapitalization.
  • Being retained by Prebon Yamane, an institutional broker based in Singapore, to create and staff a new corporate finance unit specializing in distressed debt advisory.
  • Serving as Managing Director Global Energy and Co-Head Global Power & Utilities for CIBC, based in Singapore. David established the Asian Power and Utilities business unit in 1996 and managed the business until CIBC ceased its Asian-based operations in 2000.