w2d cloud consulting is a unique Toronto based consulting and application development company focused on assisting small and medium sized organizations and entrepreneurs in applying new technologies to increase, productivity, profitability and customer reach through evolving Internet/cloud and mobile technologies. Our philosophy and approach include the following core principals:

  1. Open Source Technology - we utilize open source technologies and software, whenever possible, to develop secure, maintainable, economic and user friendly software solutions customized to meet your organizations' requirements.
  2. Cloud Hosted Solutions - we prefer development of cloud based software solutions - reducing the need for our customers to make risky investments in IT infrastructure and resources - and allowing customers to access software from a wide range of devices and locations.
  3. Modern Agile Development Techniques - all of our consultants have practical experience in implementing modern 'agile' development techniques, which allows for an iterative, collaborative and transparent development process. Producing an end product which doesn't surprise, is user friendly, and is immediately able to generate productivity benefits to your organization.
  4. Consultants/Not Just Developers - when we staff an assignment you are not just retaining IT specialists. Our teams are led by developers who not only have IT experience and knowledge but diversified business experience, ensuring software is designed to optimize user experience.
  5. Modern Tooling & Local Expertise - all of our assignment teams are led by local based developers who have demonstrated expertise in required technologies. W2d will assist clients in determining optimum technologies to utilize in developing a viable software solution and ensure a team is staffed accordingly, through our extensive network of local developers and specialists.

Increasingly, more companies are recognizing that traditional enterprise and legacy IT/software development techniques can be an impediment to growth and are adopting open source technologies and modern agile development techniques. Companies using these techniques such as AirBnB, Uber, Shopify, Github, Basecamp (logos below) have been able to leverage technology to become market leaders.

Airbnblogo Uberlogo Githublogo Basecamp Shopify

w2d cloud consulting can pro-actively assist clients in leveraging these rapidly evolving technologies to implement Internet strategies and software solutions that increase productivity; reduce operating costs; and extend business reach.

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Case Studies

Real Estate Company

  • Client Situation
  • Facing increasing competition in the Toronto market this local realtor needed a way to enhance lead generation for the company’s services and differentiate their capabilities by having real time data readily available on transactions and new real estate offerings in the market.
  • .... more
  • Our Solution
  • We designed, developed and deployed an automated system to aggregate information required from several data sources and deliver data on demand to the company’s employees and to a web application through a data API. The turnaround time for developing the system was approximately 5 weeks using Ruby on Rails. As part of our solution we set up a virtual server for the company to host the system with an automated deploy process.

Beverage Company

  • Client Situation
  • A startup company active nationally in the marketing of alcoholic beverages needed a more reliable system to track the status of products in 1000’s of retail outlets across Canada. Without a reliable system the company would have had to manually aggregate and analyze a large amount of data, a time consuming and error prone process.
  • .... more

Fb integration
Startup Business

  • Client Situation
  • A startup business needed to integrate their ruby and rails social networking application with Facebook and create a facebook application within a relatively short period of time.
  • .... more



w2d cloud consulting is available to assist you throughout the development process, from assessing your existing business processes and finding ways where new and evolving technologies can be used to enhance any aspect of your business. Generally services that can be provided include the following:

  1. Application Design - We can assist you in converting your business ideas into blueprints for useable and productive application software. Including, developing technical and design specifications, mockups and prototypes for proposal documents and rfps.
  2. Integrations - We can connect your business to online stores, payment gateways, social media, crm and other business applications and other data feeds.
  3. Data-Mining - Want to monitor your competitors or customers?, assess data trends, or just have critical decision making data available? - We can convert manually intensive tasks into automated scripts, increasing your productivity and providing the right data to make critical decisions.
  4. Refactoring/Optimizations - For existing applications and databases we can make them more peformant and find ways to optimize their operation.
  5. Greenfield Application Development - From concept to deployment we can create your application and deploy it to the cloud so it is available when and wherever you need it.

Our developers and associate network have experience with a wide range of technologies including ruby on rails, nodeJs, javascript frameworks (angular and react) and ios. As well as experience developing applications that utilize a wide range of SQL and NoSql databases. Whilst our preference is to work with open source technology, and ios for mobile development, should your project have a specific requirement, through our affiliate network we probably can accommodate your needs.

For each assignment we are strong believers in choosing the best tool for the job factoring in your specific requirements and constraints. These constraints may include time, maintainability, extendibility and economics.

If you want to find ways to future-proof your organization or want to brainstorm ways to make your organization more productive and profitable. We are available for a consultation. Just send us a message by clicking the button below:

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